The methods of Killer Niche Marketing are simple and make you fly under the radar, without getting any penalty. Pawel Reszka puts his money where his mouth is. His strategies puts his website first in search results on Google for affiliate marketing. I truly believe that anyone can succeed with this, if you just put your mind to it and put all the theory listed in the book into practice. Niche marketing is obviously highly profitable.

To cut it short, here is what is covered:

  1. The author's personal opinion of Google
  2. Basic finding a new niche technique
  3. Registering an appropriate domain name
  4. OnPage SEO tips
  5. Building content
  6. Getting the niche website indexed
  7. Backlink strategy
  8. Publishing duplicate content discussion/view
  9. Instructions and discussion of the use of the free bonus script the author has written
  10. Article strategy
  11. Press release strategy
  12. And finally a chapter on reciprocal links

If you've been chasing the search engine optimization game and trying to keep up with their changes, "Killer Niche Marketing" will be an eye opening look into the world of FREE traffic generation via SEO. Killer Niche Marketing information flies in the face of complicated SEO strategies. As a niche marketer myself, I am applying his tactics to my new niche I've been working on. This report is worth far more than the $3.50 that I am charging. It could bring at the very least $47 to $97

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